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Glass Doctor - Lycoming County
Dec 21, 2011

Online Auto Glass Estimates

Mainstreet's Online Auto Glass Estimator is a system added to your website which allows your website visitors to get a quote for their auto glass replacement.  The administration section allows you to specify your pricing similar to the Glas-Avenue™ Point of Sale Price Levels.  You can then set up a service radius, adjust what fields are required such as name or email, and even create custom messages that your visitor will encounter as they proceed through their quote.  The front end also has a check to limit the number of quotes any one visitor can generate.  This is a great feature to keep your competition away from your pricing scheme.

The versatile pricing system in the Auto Glass Estimator allows you to price auto glass replacements off your cost, as a dollar amount or percentage increase to the NAGS list, or as a flat amount.  You can even issue special online discounts that visitors will see along with their original quote.

Do you need different pricing for multiple locations?  No problem!  Each website visitor enters their zip code to make sure they fit in your service radius.  Pricing is then automatically switched to the store closest to the visitor's zip code.


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