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Glass Doctor - Lycoming County
Dec 21, 2011

System Requirements

The minimal and suggested system configuration to get the most out of your Glas-Avenue software


Tech View

Give your technicians access to their schedule and work orders for the day with the Tech View module for Glas-Avenue software. Your technicians will be able to view all information for each work order, accept and post customer payments, update job notes, and print a paid receipt for the customer - all from the job site! Add Glas-Avenue credit card processing and your techs can even swipe remote credit card payments.

Glas-Avenue Tech View uses a reduced-price NAGS license to give your technicians access to the "Auto Glass" tab of Glas-Avenue Point of Sale.  Here they are able to update vehicle notes, add a plate number, document mileage, verify the VIN number, and more. And since they will not have to issue any quotes through the NAGS database, the license fee is significantly less than the normal license for CSRs.


How it Works

Tech View for Glas-Avenue is a brand new feature that allows your technicians on the job to update their work order status and schedule!  Your on-site technician sees all the information related to their job with a lock icon on items they are not able to update (as set in Glas-Avenue Administrator).


  • Reduced NAGS license for each technician
  • Access technician's schedule and all work orders for scheduled jobs
  • View technician's updates on the job site INSTANTLY through the head office
  • Control which users can access Tech View through the "User Management" screen in Glas-Avenue Administrator
  • Post deductible and other customer payments
  • See all parts associated with each job
  • Show your technicians which tabs are editable and which are read only through a "lock" icon
  • Print a customer invoice or work order with all the configurable options


Screen Shots: Tech View

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