We have been using Glas-Avenue for almost two (2) years now and I sometimes would be soooo lost w...

Marshland Glass (formerly Boatwright Glass LLC)
Feb 27, 2012

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Customer SupportThe support staff at Mainstreet Computers provides service and support that is unparalleled in the technology industry.  Each team member has an in-depth knowledge of every Glas-Avenue module, the database system that stores and manages your data, and they each possess a working knowledge of Windows operating systems and business networking.

Mainstreet's goal is to help each Glas-Avenue customer get the most out of their glass software. When you purchase Glas-Avenue for your business, you are offered comprehensive training sessions to walk you through the basic functions and features of the software. These training sessions are available for owners, managers, and CSRs. Simply contact one of Mainstreet's support staff members to schedule training at a time that is convenient for you! 

Mainstreet offers enhanced "manager-level" training and basic training for all your employees at no additional charge!

Beyond your individual training, Mainstreet also offers hours of video tutorials, a huge collection of Tech Tips, and complete software manuals. The all new video tutorial section offers more than just a walk-through of common tasks.  We have added a "CSR Training Program" series to educate your new CSRs on the Glas-Avenue system.  These training series will guide your new employees through everything they will need to know about Glas-Avenue including: the part search, quoting customers, posting payments, scheduling a technician, and more.

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