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Dec 13, 2011

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Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders software for Glas-Avenue provides an intuitive toolset enabling you to keep track of all your parts on order for each and every vendor. Purchase Orders can be entered manually in the purchase order screen or automatically from the point of sale screen. Each purchase order is directly tied to the invoice its ordered parts are for. This connection provides more than tracking; it enables very precise profit/loss calculations. Paying for a purchase order is simple in the accounts payable invoice screen. Simply enter your PO number, check the amounts, and mark the invoice for payment.


How it Works

For a glass shop manager that likes exact numbers, Purchase Orders for Glas-Avenue lets you connect any purchase order from any vendor directly to the customer work order or invoice the part(s) are for.  Along with Accounts Payable, Glas-Avenue Purchase Orders decreases the vendor payment process down to a few simple clicks.


  • Generate Purchase Orders from Point of Sale, Accounts Payable and Inventory
  • Enter PO from either the Inventory or Accounts Payable module
  • Track PO items ordered in Point of Sale all the way through Inventory and Payables - no need to enter a part a second time
  • Link costs directly to POS invoices
  • Manually change ship-to address or choose from AR customers, AR invoice, or will call
  • Order parts in your Inventory or miscellaneous items, such as office supplies
  • Calculate inventory cost by last cost, standard cost, or average cost
  • View all Purchase Orders or just those for specific vendors through detailed reporting options
  • View open orders, closed orders or both
  • Recall Purchase Orders to check merchandise into Inventory
  • Automatically feed completed Purchase Orders or online POS orders to Accounts Payable
  • Fax or email Purchase Orders directly from your computer to suppliers
  • Electronically transmit and receive orders and stock inquiries through use of the internet
  • Print POs with or without prices
  • Print Vendor notes on POs
  • Print Flat Glass items with a description
  • Allow parts on PO that are not on POS invoice for flat glass orders


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