The software program that Mainstreet offers (Glas-Avenue) is fantastic! We are always learning s...

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May 18, 2012

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The minimal and suggested system configuration to get the most out of your Glas-Avenue software


Customer Testimonials

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We have been with Mainstreet for many years and overall are satisfied.

We love your customer service...this is what keeps us with you guys!
Date of Posting: 21 September 2011
Posted By: Beaufort Glass Company
We love Mainstreet’s Glas-Avenue software, but...we love the support techs even more!

When we arrived at the office one morning, we were shocked to find our computer system had shut down.

Even more disturbing was the fact that our server had suffered a hard drive crash. We were told that the data "might" not be recoverable.

We bought a new server and called Mainstreet. The support tech offered to help us get our new server set up and to help us get back whatever data that he could.

Once the server was set up he began to try and get us back up and running.

We discovered that through his forethought he had set up the server to back up to one of the workstations. THIS WAS GREAT as all our data was still there and we were up and running in no time.
Date of Posting: 15 September 2011
Posted By: Alabama Glastek - Birmingham, AL
Prior to selling glass and using Glas-Avenue software … I did not have any training in accounting, inventory, etc. Due to this I was at a disadvantage on the learning curve. Mainstreet’s “customer service” cannot be beat! Everyone is so kind and they always try to meet my needs (and there are many)!

I would recommend this system to anyone needing a glass program!
Date of Posting: 12 September 2011
Posted By: A Nu View Auto Glass

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