System Requirements

The minimal and suggested system configuration to get the most out of your Glas-Avenue software




What Is Device Independent Software?

If you do a couple of searches for "what is device independent software," you'll come across a number of articles packed with technical jargon. Take for example:

"Device independence is the process of making a software application be able to function on a wide variety of devices regardless of the local hardware on which the software is used."


Now if you're like most people and don't understand "techy" language, you may be saying, "Ok, but what does that actually mean?" The short answer is that it's a software program that WILL WORK regardless of what device you're using to run it. Great examples are company websites. While these aren't necessarily software programs in the traditional sense, you can visit them and look around on them if you're on an iMac, Windows PC, laptop, etc.

Our latest version of Glas-Avenue™ Cloud allows you to do the same thing with the software you depend on to run your business. Remember when you used to have to check the system and memory requirements along with compatibility of a computer to make sure that the software you buy would actually work? Well, those days are coming to an end. This is a HUGE deal, not only for the glass industry, but for technology as a whole. At Mainstreet™, we're proud to be the FIRST software company to provide device independent glass software for your shop.

What Can Device Independence Do For Me?

One of the reasons Device Independent Software is such a big deal is because it tears down limitations that can eat up your budgets for hiring employees, keeping your building up to par, and keeping your computer equipment relevant. It seems everyone these days has their favorite device for using apps, browsing the internet, and doing your day-to-day computing tasks, but up until recently, running glass software was pretty much limited to Windows...and Windows only. With our new Device Independent Glas-Avenue™, you can use your favorite device to run our Glas-Avenue™ program.  

Platform Support

Currently, our device independent software will run on the following platforms (operating systems). Are you unsure which platform your device is using? Run a Google search, contact your device vendor, or give us a call.

  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 (RT versions not supported)
  • Mac OS X (Intel)
  • Chrome OS (Chromebook and Chromebox)
  • Linux (Ubuntu, Red Hat, Novell SUSE)
  • iOS 4.2 or higher on iPad, iPhone and iPad touch devices  (you must have at least 512Mb RAM)
  • Android 2.1 or higher (this includes tablets and smartphones running Android 2.1+)
  • Blackberry powered devices running BlackBerry OS 10 (smartphones) and BlackBerry Playbook (tablets)

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