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Guaranty Glass
Jul 01, 2012

System Requirements

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Glass Software Features

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Glas-Avenue e-Commerce

e-Commerce SoftwareSimplify the insurance claims resolution process with EDI and GLAXIS software for Glas-Avenue 9.0. These software modules integrate directly with your Point of Sale software system. GLAXIS provides an ever-growing list of jobs dispatched by the LYNX network while EDI provides an avenue for sending your claims directly to the insurance networks. GLAXIS checks each invoice for errors prior to sending and comprehensive reports from EDI provide you with updates on your claims' status.

GLAXIS also provides online ordering with your auto glass vendors as well as instant online part approval!




EDI Features and Benefits:

  • Billing submitted for any insurance company or network.
  • Bills are processed with the simple click of a mouse.
  • Detailed reports generated with each invoice's status.
  • Keep track of all submitted invoices.
  • Mainstreet updates insurance requirements as needed.
  • Eliminate processing fees charged by many insurance companies and billing services.
  • Choose between low or high volume plans, depending on the number of invoices you send each month.
  • EDI can be run automatically after running closeout.


GLAXIS Features and Benefits:

  • Work Assignments:
    • Receive LYNX Services work assignments electronically directly into Point-of-Sale.
    • Eliminate time consuming data entry.
    • Avoid common EDI invoicing errors and drastically reduce EDI rejections.
    • Pop-up message displays to notify you that a new job has arrived.
  • Claim Initiation:
    • Initiate an auto glass insurance claim directly from your desktop to LYNX Services.
    • Receive electronic verification.
    • Manage the claims process from first notice of loss through payment.
  • Authorizations:
    • Get alerts for parts not authorized before invoicing.
    • Receive authorization on a premium glass part or OEM glass via your computer.
  • On-line Ordering:
    • Check availability and order parts with PPG Auto Glass.
    • Check availability work order by work order, less than truckload, full truckload, buy-outs, etc.
    • Integrate with Mainstreet Accounting and Inventory to optimize your business.
    • Complete processing all the way around.

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