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Tyler - Cold Springs Shower Doors
Dec 13, 2011

System Requirements

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Glass Software Features

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Glas-Avenue Point of Sale

Point of Sale SoftwareMainstreet developed the Glas-Avenue software system to be customized. Enjoy the features and benefits of Auto Glass Point of Sale or Flat Glass Point of Sale software as a stand-alone system or pick and choose the modules that suit your needs and your industry. If you see the need over time for additions, a quick install will blend a multitude of additional tools and reports into your existing software system without difficult database backups, migrations, or exports.

Auto Glass Point of Sale and Flat Glass Point of Sale for Glas-Avenue software are built around the glass part search. To simplify quoting and invoicing procedures, each respective glass part search is built into the invoicing screen. This allows you to run your search from the same screen used to gather customer information - streamlining the entire process.

The Glas-Avenue invoicing screen records information for every job entered such as customer contact details, schedule preference, job type, payments, tech assignment, and more. Along with this information, system users add parts to the quote or invoice through two equally intuitive part search features:


  1. Auto Glass Point of Sale: NAGS Search - Users enter a year, make, and model of vehicle to search the NAGS list price database for the glass they need as well as additional parts such as molding, clips, etc.
  2. Flat Glass Point of Sale: Flat Glass Search - Users select a category for the glass and any number of customizable properties to describe the glass they are looking for. The search result displays the glass part and additional materials that may be required or optional for the particular installation such as silicone sealant, hardware, and hinges for a glass shower enclosure.

The integration of each respective glass search feature into the core functions of Glas-Avenue Point of Sale allow Mainstreet to provide an easy to use invoicing system designed to work directly with the NAGS auto glass search, the flat glass part search, or both.

Glas-Avenue 9.0 Point of Sale Software Modules

Glas-Avenue Point of Sale is all about speed and efficiency. The tools provided by the Glas-Avenue Point of Sale system will allow your CSRs to quote, schedule, and invoice a job in seconds all from the same screen! The power of Glas-Avenue Point of Sale comes from its seamless integration with all your other Glas-Avenue modules: Accounting, Inventory, Scheduler, e-Commerce, and more. Whether you are invoicing a cash job or preparing an invoice for insurance claim resolution, Glas-Avenue Point of Sale automatically checks your line items to reduce rejections, verify discounts, check for parts that require authorization, and even display inventory stock.

Glas-Avenue Point of Sale is designed specifically for auto glass and flat glass businesses. The main features, screens, and work flow of the system have been molded and refined based on input and requests from our customers to produce the very best glass software on the market today!

Build a Software System that Fits Your Needs

A wide variety of modules are available to enhance your Point of Sale system. Below are a few modules that, when installed, are directly available through Point of Sale or serve to improve its functionality:

  • e-Commerce - Process insurance invoices electronically plus, monitor their status and payment activity.
  • e-Commerce - Receive dispatches electronically, authorize parts and even place orders with your vendors.
  • Scheduler - Set and maintain your scheduled jobs.
  • Credit Card Swipe - Accept credit card payments with an easy to use card swipe that interfaces with your Glas-Avenue Point of Sale and Accounting.
  • DataTrax - Add management-level reporting to your system for access to your daily activity instantly.
  • VIN Decoder - Quickly and easily decode vehicle identification numbers.


A Versatile Glass Software System

The standard Glas-Avenue Point of Sale System is installed locally on your computer and comes complete with a SQL database engine for fast, reliable data storage and retrieval. This system is easily expanded to include multiple off-site locations using Glas-Avenue Central. Glas-Avenue Central easily connects you to all your locations, no matter where you are.

The release of Glas-Avenue Hosted now allows you to access your data from anywhere. Mainstreet will host your system and take care of all the data backups, updates, and activations for you. You no longer have to worry about the "what ifs" in business, Mainstreet has you covered with Glas-Avenue Hosted.

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