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May 18, 2012

System Requirements

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Glas-Avenue Central


Glas-Avenue™ Central is the total solution for any glass business operating multiple locations.  This all-in-one software system makes it easy to manage day-to-day activity from a single centralized database in real-time.

There really is no reason not to have a grip on your bottom line! Glas-Avenue™ Central is the total and final solution for managing success of your multi-location glass shop business.



How it Works

Each location has Glas-Avenue installed as a "remote" and headquarters will maintain real-time connection to each individual store. When connected in real-time all remote activity is instantly transmitted to headquarters and reports can be run at any time for any store or group of stores. Headquarters can set up “access control” for each particular user and can control all aspects of the program, such as price levels, customers, vendors, etc., or give control to each individual remote location.

Each location performs their quoting, work orders, invoicing, purchase orders, and inventory control and every transaction has a store number assigned to it. Headquarters is then able to perform all appropriate accounting procedures for billing, payments, reporting, and management. 


*Non-Hosted users of Glas-Avenue Central real- time version would require a terminal server so the remote stores can connect to Headquarters.


  • All data is controlled and monitored by head office
  • Store numbering easily identifies which location an invoice or transaction belongs to
  • Security is maintained by setting the level of access for each location and employee
  • Bookkeeping can be done by authorized personnel at store locations or entirely at the head office when using Glas-Avenue™ Accounting
  • Inventory can be centrally managed across all locations
  • Reports, including all financial statements, can be viewed by individual store, group of stores, or entire company





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