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Glass Doctor - Niceville, FL
Oct 01, 2011

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Auto Glass Software

Software for Auto Glass BusinessesGlas-Avenue™ is a comprehensive software system built by the auto glass industry, for the auto glass industry.  The sole producer of Glas-Avenue™ software, Mainstreet Computers, continues to gather suggestions from businesses in the auto glass industry to bring the very latest tools and technological advancements to your desktop. The newest version of Glas-Avenue™, version 9.0, is a culmination of Mainstreet's 34 years of experience in building auto glass software to help auto glass businesses streamline their operations and increase profitability.

The most powerful and beneficial feature of Glas-Avenue™ Auto Glass Software is its seamless integration with the rest of the auto glass software system. The instant you post a payment or close a completed invoice in Auto Glass Point of Sale, those figures are reflected across your entire database. You can easily receive a part into Inventory and check up-to-the-minute profit for the job in Glas-Avenue™ Accounting!

Some of the latest features available in Glas-Avenue™ for the auto glass industry include:

  • Integrated Credit Card Swipe Read more
  • Online Ordering with Pilkington, PGW, Mygrant and all other GLAXIS-enabled Auto Glass Vendors Read more
  • Integrated Auto Glass Part Search via NAGS Read more
  • 100% Secure, Cloud Auto Glass Software System Read more

Learn more about the latest Glas-Avenue™ software features in "What's New".

  • Point of Sale
    Quoting, invoicing, 
    and daily CSR activity
    made easy with 
    Glas-Avenue™ POS.

  • Add-Ons
    Get even more out of your Glas-Avenue™ software with these software add-ons.
  • Central
    This all-in-one software system makes it easy to manage multiple locations.
  • Repair-Only
    Everything you need
    to manage an
    auto glass repair

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