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Glass America - Colorado Springs, CO
Sep 21, 2012

System Requirements

The minimal and suggested system configuration to get the most out of your Glas-Avenue software


Glass Software Features

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General Ledger

Glas-Avenue General Ledger software pulls everything in your system together. Every transaction from invoice to payment is tracked, balanced, and stored in General Ledger. This accrual based accounting system is NOT designed for accountants, making it perfect for any owner of a small to medium-sized business. A chart of accounts tracks the types of transactions (expenses, liability, revenue, etc.) and can easily be recalibrated to meet your specific needs.


How it Works

General Ledger for Glas-Avenue is the key component to the Glas-Avenue Accounting family and highlights the benefits of a completely integrated accounting system. Use General Ledger to control how and when your transactions post to their respective accounts, set where to pull cost information for your profit/loss reports, and use the collection of reports to research balance issues, drill down to individual transaction postings, and more.


  • Information is power! Your bookkeeper has immediate access to company financial statements
  • Unlimited history review capability for detailed and comparative reports
  • Comparative Balance Sheet Report allows for 3-year or 3-month comparison
  • Process your Month-end, Quarterly, or Year-end Reports
  • Use Mainstreet's specially designed chart of accounts for glass shops or create your own
  • Multi-level "password protection" lets you decide who can access accounting records
  • Export to Microsoft Excel to generate your own reports
  • Balancing Reports - Detailed Journal by Account, Detailed Journal by Transaction, and Consolidated Trial Balance
  • Income Statement Reports - Monthly, Quarterly, Year-To-Date, 3 Year Comparative, and 12 Period Income Analysis
  • Balance Sheet Report
  • Integrate seamlessly with other windows products from Mainstreet
  • The "Adjustment" feature allows you to quickly and easily move money between your accounts, or locations
  • Once you have assigned categories to your respective G/L accounts,
    those account balances will be updated automatically every time you save
    an invoice


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