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Glass Doctor - Lycoming County
Dec 21, 2011

System Requirements

The minimal and suggested system configuration to get the most out of your Glas-Avenue software


Glass Software Features

Check out all of the features and benefits found in Mainstreet Computer's Glas-Avenue software


Flat Glass Point of Sale

Glas-Avenue Flat Glass Point of Sale is the heart of Mainstreet's Glas-Avenue software system. The Point of Sale software interface screen provides your CSRs with all the tools they need to quote, schedule, and maintain your day-to-day invoicing activity. The main Point of Sale screen, the "Quote Screen" keeps all the information for your jobs in one place - including customer information, payment activity, outstanding balance, scheduling and technician assignments, inventory stock counts, required parts, and more. Instantly browse your custom part file or build your own from scratch. Administrative level controls allow you to restrict access to any screen or function within Point of Sale by user name, employee type, or user group.

A customizable price level maintenance window ensures each of your account customers get the right pricing every time. Price levels can be tied to customer accounts so when your CSR enters an account, the system automatically recalculates pricing.



How it Works

Flat Glass Point of Sale (POS) is the heart of your Glas-Avenue system. POS provides screens to maintain your customer pricing and customer records, gives your CSRs an easy-to-use screen for quoting and invoicing customers, gives you an intuitive flat glass parts search as well as several maintenance screens for organizing your parts, assigns relationships between parts (such as the adhesive for a frameless shower door and/or hardware), and provides the basic framework for the rest of your Glas-Avenue system.


  • Create your own interchanges and link them to the appropriate part
  • Enter new pricing and change effective dates on price levels and costs before they go into effect
  • Protect user security with login name and user group restrictions
  • Link to MapQuest® for directions to mobile service address
  • Utilize Warranty Tracking system
  • Set multiple price levels per customer
  • Run comprehensive reports including daily, weekly and monthly Sales, Sales Tax and Use Tax, Open Orders and Open Quotes, Invoice Reports by customer, date, CSR and more
  • Export data into Microsoft Excel(tm) to generate your own reports
  • Backup data automatically every night
  • Eliminate retyping with easy "Credit/ Rebill" feature
  • Eliminate dumping to third party software with convenient Accounting module integration
  • Enjoy flexible tax options for sales tax and use tax including tax by line item
  • Retain virtually unlimited amount of detailed customer histories including work orders, invoices, parts, and discount levels
  • Price special cuts (e.g. arches, ovals, circles, and trapezoids)
  • Utilize new "Progress Billing System".
  • Price material by square foot, linear inch, united inch, and individual. Options include Percent off List, Cost Plus Percent and Square-Inch
  • Print unit prices including square foot prices
  • Look up over 40 new pricing dimension shapes in Parts system
  • Set minimum charges on material or fabricating. Also features special price brackets set up to your specifications
  • Walk through each setup with graphical dimension screen
  • Choose a part and then let your computer bring up a list of all the parts that go with it with Mainstreet's exclusive related parts system 
  • Print unit prices including square foot prices (as an option) on Flat Glass Invoices


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