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Mar 21, 2012

System Requirements

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Glas-Avenue Credit Card Swipe


Glas-Avenue Credit Card Swipe

For a world that runs on plastic, Mainstreet provides the Glas-Avenue Credit Card Swipe. Eliminate extra steps in processing credit cards.  A simple swipe or manual entry of credit card information will post payment directly into your customer's account.






How it Works

Credit card payments have never been easier.  The Glas-Avenue Credit Card Swipe easily installs on any computer.  Once installed a simple swipe will transmit payment information for approval. A verification screen will pop up to display the status of the transaction and let you know if the payment is accepted or denied.  Once the payment is approved, Glas-Avenue posts the payment to the customer account automatically.

 An online account of activity is set up so you can manage your credit card swipe transactions.  This account allows you to easily settle your credit card transactions at end of day, monitor your daily activity, recall a payment, issue a refund if necessary, and so much more!  





  • Instantly process credit card payments for all major credit cards 
  • Post customer payments directly into Glas-Avenue Point of Sale and Accounts Receivable
  • Obtain detailed reporting by card type
  • Swipe or manually enter card information for authorization
  • USB card swipe attaches to any computer 
  • Save time by eliminating extra steps for payment processing


*High speed internet connection required.


Get the Credit Card Swipe

Contact Mainstreet Sales to add the Credit Card Swipe to your Glas-Avenue software.


Credit Card Swipe Screen Shots


Credit Card Swipe for Glas-Avenue Software

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