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Sep 21, 2012

System Requirements

The minimal and suggested system configuration to get the most out of your Glas-Avenue software


Auto Glass Software Add-Ons

Get more from your Auto Glass software with these Glas-Avenue add-ons:

  • Glas-Avenue Accounting

    Need more monitoring options over the money moving in and out of your auto glass business?  Glas-Avenue Accounting gives you instant access to activity reports, payment reminders, collection management, and more.

  • Auto Glass Purchasing

    Connect your Point of Sale software to Glas-Avenue Inventory and Purchase Orders to make it easier to track your auto glass stock and tie part costs directly to your work orders / invoices.

  • Glas-Avenue Management

    Glas-Avenue Management is a collection of detailed reports for the auto glass shop owner who wants to know EVERYTHING.  Reports include CSR and technician productivity, monthly sales comparison, and much more.

  • VIN Decoder

    The Glas-Avenue VIN Decoder is especially helpful for insurance claims.  With an integrated VIN lookup, you can make sure you never get the vehicle wrong again!

Glas-Avenue Management

Glas-Avenue Management for auto glass makes it easy to keep a close eye on your auto glass business and chart your employees' productivity.  These management reports take all the data collected and puts it into meaningful comparisons to give you an accurate view of your auto glass business activity and profit. Included in Glas-Avenue Management you will find an intuitive auto glass job scheduler and a huge selection of management-level reports.

The management reports are broken into two categories: Productivity and Sales Management Reports. The Productivity Reports allows you to evaluate employee performance through various commission and sales reports. You can also monitor warranty jobs assigned, price overrides, and analyze open orders. The Sales Management Reports help you monitor the revenue side of your auto glass business through complete tracking of sales and profit comparisons. Sales Management also includes various customer and monthly reports along with an advertising analysis to ensure you are getting the most out of your advertising budget.

Auto Glass Purchasing

Keep a close eye on your inventory and make sure parts for today's jobs are ordered on time with Inventory and Purchase Orders for Glas-Avenue.

Ordering and tracking parts has never been easier! Glas-Avenue Purchasing allows you to order directly from your software with all the major vendors and ties each purchase directly into Inventory. The program will automatically generate a PO when using the online ordering feature and will link the product back to the customer work order. Once all the items are received into Inventory the PO is then closed. When coupled with Glas-Avenue Accounting you can create your Accounts Payable invoice at the same time you receive the product into Inventory.

Glas-Avenue Purchasing allows you to generate valuable reports such as In-Stock Value, Top Parts, and Open POs. These reports will give you instant access to detailed information about what you have received and what you have ordered. You can also run PO reports with a work order number to see purchases related to that work order and easily identify where you are at with those purchases.

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