We love the Glas-Avenue software! There are so many variables with this software that I just d...

Glass Doctor - Fairfax, VA
Jan 15, 2012

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Glas-Avenue MobileMobilePRO™ was built from our passion to help glass companies succeed. By simplifying daily routines, improving communication, and reducing human errors, you maximize efficiency which ultimately makes you more money! With MobilePRO™, built for auto and flat glass, you can scan VINs, complete pre/post inspection sheets, take payments, capture signatures, attach pictures, and more. Best of all, the data entered on the app syncs with your Mainstreet™ Point of Sale automatically.



Constant Communication

Techs with MobilePRO™ can update their progress on any given job allowing the office to know if a tech is enroute, if a job is in progress, and when a job has been completed.

Digital Paper Trail

All information displayed on the app including inspection sheets, measure sheets, pictures, and signatures are saved in our secure cloud environment. This gives you a digital paper trail for every job you do.

Reduce Human Error

MobilePRO™ lets you input data from preformed sheets on the app and automatically sync the information collected to your Point of Sale. Eliminate the need for double entry and reduce human errors.


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